Anadenanthera colubrina (Cebil) seeds


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Anadenanthera colubrina (Cebil) seeds

Anadenanthera colubrina (Cebil) seeds

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    Anadenanthera colubrina is a tree native to South American and is closely related to Anadenanthera peregrina (Yopo). It is found in Brasil, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraquay, Peru and Cuba. It is a 5-20m tall tree with a very thorny trunk. The Mimosa-like leaves are up to 30 cm in length and they fold up at night.


    This plant needs much light. Growing areas range often from savannah to dry rainforests. It is a fast grower under good conditions. Anadenanthera colubrina can grow up to 1-1.5 meters a year. Cebil grows on rocky hillsides in well-drained soil, often in the vincinity of rivers at altitudes of 300-2200 m.

    Traditional medical use

    The tree bark is the most common part used medicinally to treat upper respiratory tract infections, as an expectorant and to help against cough.


    Anadenanthera colubrina has been given a high priority conservation status in Brasil. Gum from the A. colubrina tree can be used in the same way as Arabic gum. A. colubrina's tannin is used in the industry to process animal hides.Cebil was also used as timber in Brasil and was a preferred source of cooking fuel because it creates a hot and long lasting fire. Besides this A. colubrina was widely used for making fences because termites don't like the wood.

    Additional Information

    Common name Cebil, Wilco, Angico, Yopi, Chicha, Huilca, Vilca
    Flower colorwhite
    Lightdirect sunlight
    Minimum temperature20 ºC
    OriginSouth America
    Plant groupTropical
    Shapetree / shrub
    Soilregular cactus soil
    Special featuresNo
    SynonymsMimosa colubrina, Piptadenia grata, Acacia colubrina, Acacia grata


    great item , 7/7/2014
    By udi
    very good seeds , fast shippng
    good quality, long lasting , 4/15/2014
    By micky
    These are very good quality seeds. I used those to produce shamnic cebil which worked really well with these seeds, even after a year of storage none of its effectivity seemed lost. I will surely order again, once I finished this batch.
    ottimo , 12/19/2013
    By Carlo
    ottima qualità come sempre, su 3 semi di prova, sono germogliati tutti
    good germination , 4/20/2013
    By 5ht
    80% germination (16/20). be careful not to overwater, the seedlings rot easily. very pretty plants. the first leaf has 8 or 10 pinnae with about 20-30 leaflets each. the seedlings respond quite well to full sun.
    Cebil , 3/13/2013
    By Jan
    I bought these seeds and got a lot more then the hundred I ordered. I potted several and I read somewhere that they can germinate after a week already. From 50 of these seeds I made Cebil,that was a great succes!! I 'highly' recommend these seeds!!
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