Lophophora williamsii (Peyote) XL


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Rare and big single headed lophophora williamsii (Peyote)

Lophophora williamsii (Peyote) XL

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Limited supply of very old and big single headed L. williamsii plants

You are buying a beautiful and very large 8 cm single headed Lophophora williamsii (Peyote) cactus plant, also called Anhalonium williamsii. It is covered with very nice white tufts of whool. Single headed Peyote plants of this size are rare and very old. These are a stunning 25 years of age!

How to look after your Peyote cactus

The plants are shipped without soil and container to prevent damage. Upon arrival of your cactus plant it in a dry mineral based cactus soil. Give it a warm spot in your home or greenhouse with bright light. Avoid direct sunlight, at least the first weeks after repotting. Plants do not like sudden changes in growing conditions. Do not water the plants for at least the first three weeks and only water in the growing season. A very important rule is: Better to forget watering your plant then to overwater it.

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Lophophora williamsii (Peyote)

Additional Information

Common nameNo
Plant Size8 cm
Flower colorNo
Minimum temperatureNo
Plant groupNo
Special featuresNo


Admirable size , 4/3/2017
By Jure
This particular cacti is a gem. Very old and big. A monument in any collectors home. Nothing to add here.
Stunning , 3/18/2017
By Cody
This plant is absolutely magnificent and beautiful! I just love it and it loves being in it's new home.
a great plant, delivered expertly , 10/25/2016
By Sl
My second time ordering a cactus from Cactus Plaza, and everything was followed through as expected - really great job on packing the plant, so no damage occurred during mailing.
The lophophora is a great example, well looked after over many years.
Thank you.
trés content , 9/17/2016
By jean
whaou!!!! big , so big ! so nice :) !!! thanks
just pefect , 4/21/2016
By jean
je collectionne depuis de nombreuses années maintenant les cactus et notament les lophophoras! j'habite le sud de la france et ils passent l'hiver sur ma terrasse dans une petite serre...minimun 1a 2 degrés! c'est peut etre pas le top mais ils sont toujours aussi en forme et toujours aussi beau! si je peux me permettre quelques conseils de culture... un bon substrat adapté c'est primordial, pas beaucoup d'eau mais un peu qd mm! Et pour avoir des fleurs il faut respecter un hivernage sans arrosage ou tres peu !! j'ai acqui ce magnifique spécimen , that is a big big lophophora , very nice, lots of flower, it's amazing, really!! j'adore ces cactus :) ! je vais bientot repasser commande je pense! félicitation congratulation cactus plaza ! definitly the best site for all cactus plants ! ( he sold a good substrat too" )! thanks again
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