Lophophora plants

Lophophora, the famous (for some infamous) Peyote cactus is well know and there are many names for varieties and variations within the Lophophora family. The main species which are currently recognized are Lophophora diffusa, Lophophora fricii and Lophophora williamsii (Peyote). The plants are native to regions in Mexico and southern parts of the USA.


Lophophora cactus species are best grown in a mineral soil. Add clay and limestone (pulverized) to the soil mix to improve health and growth. These cacti need a warm and sunny spot to grow and flower. Be careful with younger plants. They need filtered sunlight and need to be watered more often then adult plants. In winter keep your Lophophora cacti dry at a temperature of 5-10 °C.


Anhalonium williamsii, Ariocarpus williamsii, Echinocactus williamsii, Lophophora echinata, Mammillaria williamsii, Anhalonium (Lem.), Peyote, Peyotil, Duivelswortel.

We can not ship Lophophora (Anhalonium) plants or seeds to the USA!

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