CactusPlaza Points & Rewards Policy

At every purchase, review, subscription and so on brings you a certain amount of money that can be spend on your purchases at our store. Buy plants, seeds and botanicals and get money in reward!

How it works

All registered customers receive money after a certain activity in the CactusPlaza Store. Buy products, write reviews, sign up for our newsletter an register as a customer. Every action adds funds to your balance. You can spend this money on every product in our shop.


Money is being rewarded according to the following table:


 Activity  Reward 
 Each € 25 spent € 1 
 Registration at € 1 
 Review product at product page (cultivation experience) € 1 
 Subscription to CactusPlaza newsletter € 1 
 Each order from your invited friends at CactusPlaza € 2 


Writing a cultivation experience (review)

We would really like you to share your knowledge on the species you are growing. Login to your account and go to the product page of the plant or seeds for which you want to share your cultivation experiences. For each quality review you gain €1,- which is added to your account at CactusPlaza.