Plants & Cuttings Care

How to treat the plants you received

Unwrap the plants you ordered and if they are not already potted please pot them in a mix of 50% regular potting soil with 50% coarse sand, fine pumice or grit (1-3 mm). Lophophora, Ariocarpus, Strombocactus and species like Aztekium require a more mineral mix or our special Lophophora soil. Place the plants on a slightly shaded spot for a week and slowly increase lighting. Do not water the first week so roots can restore!

Cactus and Succulent group.
Cactus and Succulent Collection.

How to treat the unrooted cuttings you received

Growing plants from cuttings is a great way to start or expand your collection. Unrooted cuttings from Epiphyllums and other Epicacti like Rhipsalis, Schlumbergera and Aporocactus should be left to dry for 3 days before potting them in a dry soil mix suitable for the species. We offer special Epicactus soil for the cuttings mentioned above. Leaf cuttings should be placed flat on a general cactus soil. Press the cutting slightly into the soil to be sure the leaf makes good contact with the soil. Roots should start to grow (usually from the base of the leaf) after several weeks. Do not water the cuttings until roots have formed.

Unrooted cuttings from more thick plants like Trichocereus, Harrisia and Echinopsis should be left longer to dry. Lay them flat on a table in a warm and shaded room with good ventilation. After a week place the cutting upright in an empty tray or container (no soil). After several weeks the cutting should form roots. When the first roots have formed you can pot the cutting in your soil mix. Slowly increase lighting and water very carefully until the root system is well developed.

Trichocereus cuttings ready to plant.
Trichocereus cuttings ready to plant.