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Epiphyllum cuttings, Schlumbergera cuttings and other cactus & succulents cuttings like Trichocereus, Stapelia, Selenicereus etc. will be listed for sale in this category. Please let us know should you be interested in any specific cuttings.
Rooting Cactus & Succulent cuttings
Make sure the cut is completely dry before planting it in a dry soil with good drainage. For Trichocereus species we recommend using pure Bimskies (Bims) as a rooting substrate. You can even place the cutting upright in an empty container and it will form roots eventually. When roots are formed you can place the cuttings in a regular cactus & succulent soil. Go easy on the water in the beginning untill enough roots have formed. Cuttings from Epiphyllums, Schlumbergera and other Epicacti root better in a more organic substrate. A mixture would be equal parts of cactus soil, peat and Bims or Perlite. If you want you can use rooting powder (also offered here) to speed up the root formation process.