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About Cactusplaza

CactusPlaza started around 15 years ago. During and after my study biology in Groningen, The Netherlands, I created a small website where I wrote articles on cactus cultivation. I also shared my germination and propagation experiences There.

After only a few years I got a lot of e-mails with questions like “Can you sell me some of those plants…” and “Can you help me with seeds of the species…”. A small shop was born and it kept growing.

Recently (2011) we took it a few steps further and invested in a professional Magento shop with all the options you have in a modern shop. We also invested in SSL certificates to protect your privacy. These are just some examples of the innovations CactusPlaza went through.

Most important in running a shop or other website in my opinion is the interaction with your customers. This is why we installed social media like Facebook and Twitter. On the website we are working on a blog to post articles and where would like you as a customer to participate. We have many species and seeds. For us its impossible to keep track of all germination rates and results any more and we are always very happy with people who let us know their propagation results.