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For years we have experienced with different mixes of soil for our cacti, succulents, palms, orchids and other exotic plants. In this section you can find high quality soil mixes which we at CactusPlaza recommend. Each mix is carefully composed with the right ingredients needed for the specific species or family of cactus or succulents.
How to plant your cacti & succulents
When transplanting cacti and succulents in a new container with fresh soil always make sure the container is slightly larger than the old container. The smaller the container the sooner the soil will dry. this is most important to most cacti & succulents. Most succulents grow slowly and a slightly larger container will be just fine. Should you be transplanting faster growing species like Trichocereus make sure you transplant more often and use a richer soil than you use for slow growing species.
When potting your plant make sure the roots point downward in the container. Do not press down the soil too hard around the plant. i usually spread out the soil around the plant by tapping the side of the container. The best time to repot cacti and succulents is in spring just before active (root) growth starts. Transplanting in winter is possible if th esoil is completely dry and when the roots of the plant are not damaged.
You will notice that using the correct soil for your cactus or succulent species will do wonders. Besides soil usage you should study temperatures, light conditions and water regime in order to achieve the best growth and flowering.