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We offer different types of cactus and succulent containers. Round, square, deeep and containers with a standard depth. Please notice that most cacti & succulents require a small container, just big enough to fit in and to grow in for 1-2 years. If you pick a container which is too large than there is a risk of rotting tissue after waterings. The soil will stay wet too long. For faster growing plants you can pick a larger container without problem (Trichocereus species for example).
Before buying a suitable container check the root system of your plant. Does the plant root shallow or does it have a tap root like Lophophora or Ariocarpus species.
When potting the plant loosly fill the container surrounding the plant with the right soil mix. Tap the sides of the container to let the plant settle in the soil. never press the soil to firmly. You will press out the air in the soil and might damage the plant roots and stem while doing so.