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Grafting on Selenicereus

Grafting on Selenicereus You can graft cactus seedlings on many different types of grafting stock. For small seedlings you can use Selenicereus (or Pereskiopsis) with very good results. The major benefits of Selenicereus grafting stock are the following: Fast growing stock, easy to use The grafted seedlings sticks very well, 80% success! The grafted cactus […]

Growing Cacti and Succulents Indoors

Growing Cacti and Succulents Indoors I have germinated seeds, raised seedlings and grown adult cacti and succulent with success for many years using some shelves and fluorescent bulbs. In this article I will explain the benefits of growing your plants indoors and I will describe how I built my installation for growing cacti and succulents […]

Privacy Notice

CactusPlaza Respects your privacy CactusPlaza is committed to protecting your privacy. We will only use the information that we collect about you lawfully (in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998). CactusPlaza will not e-mail you in the future if you unsubscribe from our mailing list. CactusPlaza does not disclose any buyers information to third […]

Cultivation of Adenium

Cultivation of Adenium Adenium plants, belonging to the caudex succulents, are very beautiful and rather easy to cultivate because Adenium is adaptable to many types of climate and soil mixes. CactusPlaza offers fertile seeds of Adenium species. Propagation can be done by anyone if you follow the basic guidelines as I have written below. Adenium […]

Raising Cacti & Succulents from Seed

Raising Cacti & Succulents from Seed One of the great benefits of growing cacti and succulents from seed is the large availability of different species and the relatively low costs of seeds compared to plants. Personally I get the most pleasure from raising my own cacti and succulents. Germinating cacti and succulents from seed gives […]

Payment options

Payment options We ship all orders after we have received your payment. Below are the available payment options. Bank Transfer payments Bank Information Account Holder: CactusPlaza City: Roden Country: The Netherlands Bank: Knab Bank Location: Hoofddorp (Amsterdam), The Netherlands Account nr.: 257550038 IBAN: NL70KNAB0257550038 SWIFT/BIC: KNABNL2H (EU and SEPA), ABNANL2A (other countries) Choose option: SHARED […]