Cultivation of Adansonia (Baobab) species

Cultivation of Adansonia (Baobab) species


Adansonia seeds are about 12-14 x 10-12 x 9-10 mm in size. Adansonia suarezensis seeds are bigger. Germination of baobab seeds can be problematic. In general they germinate within a week or two. However its common to see seeds germinating after a week and other seeds after three weeks or more. It is important to keep the soil moderately moist but not too moist because the seeds could rot after some time. A good soil for these plants is two parts regular potting soil, two parts humus and one part grit to create a fertile soil with good drainage.

Gently press the Adansonia seeds in containers filled with the soil mix described above. Then cover the seeds with 1-2 cm of mix. Let the container absorb water untill the soil is moist. You can cover the container with a plastic tranparent bag or with transparent foil to increase humidity. This could speed up germination but it could also increase the risk of rot. Adansonia species resistant to dryness. They develop an underground caudex rather quickly which they use to store sugars and water. Water the plants on a regular basis during the hot growing season and keep them dry from the end of summer untill spring.

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