Cultivation of Panax ginseng (Ginseng)

Cultivation of Panax ginseng (Ginseng)

Where to plant your Ginseng

Choose a plot where you can provide at least 70-80 percent shade. A forest would be best but a site where you can provide shade in other ways is also fine. You can plant Panax ginseng plants in containers or even better directly in the field.

Which soil to use

Use a soil type with good drainage properties. The ideal growing conditions for Ginseng seeds is the forest where the soil is full of decomposing leaves. If you live near a forest, you could take fallen leaves and use them as a top layer for your Ginseng propagation site or for the containers where you planted your Ginseng. Another method to simulate natural growing conditions is to add peat to your soil and mix it gently.

Planting and germinating Ginseng seeds

Plant the seeds 10 – 15 cm apart, in rows which lay 20 to 25 cm apart. Push them 1 cm into the soil. Apply a 2 cm top layer of humus or decomposing leaves.The key to germination of Ginseng seeds and many other seeds is a rather abrupt temperature change such as you would find in spring when the snow starts to melt and temperatures increase.

How to care for your Ginsing plants

As mentioned earlier, Ginseng likes shade. Sun in the morning is ok but around noon you need to provide shade and temperatures should be controlled. To enhance growth provide your Ginseng plants with potassium, for example in the form of bone meal, and supply plenty of nitrogen in the form of humus, decomposing leafs or a different source.

Panax ginseng cultivation

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