Growing Lophophora williamsii (Peyote)

Growing Lophophora williamsii (Peyote)

Lophophora from Seed

Peyote seed is not too difficult to germinate. A good method for germinating cactus seeds (and Lophophora seeds) is described in the article Cacti from Seed. It is important to ventilate well two or three weeks after germination of the seed. The seedlings will need some shade. Too much light will induce the Peyote seedlings to turn red to brown. When the seedlings get a shortage of light they will turn bright green to yellow and will grow too tall (etiolation). Usualy Peyote seeds germinate within 14 days but it might take longer depending on the quality of the seeds. CactusPlaza sells Lophophora seeds (and all other seeds) which are harvested the same year or a year before selling. This guarantees good germination rates if you have all other seed germination factors like soil mix, light, humidity and temperature un order. it may take six to eight years for Lophophora species to reach a diameter of an adult cactus.

Soil Mix For Adult Lophophora Plants

I use the following soil mix with great success for all Lophophora species and varieties like Lophophora williamsii, Lophophora jourdaniana, Lophophora fricii, Lophophora diffusa and Lophophora williamsii v. caespitosa:

  • One part clay
  • One part regular potting soil (without peat)
  • Four parts coarse sand
  • Three parts fine grit (1-3 mm)
  • A teaspoon of lime

Good luck with growing your own Lophophora plants. In the link below you find a wide range of Lophophora species and subspecies which are available in stock.

You can buy Peyote seeds at CactusPlaza. We also offer peyote grow kits to make it easy for you to grow your own nice and flat Peyote cactus plants.

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