Pereskiopsis is a very interesting group of cacti. In fact they do not look like a cactus at all. Only the nasty spines remind you of them. The Pereskiopsis genus contains around 10 different species which can be found in Mexico, California, Yucatan and Guatamala. They grow in the form of trees or bushes. Pereskiopsis grows fine in many different types of cactus soil. Make sure the soil is permeable though to avoid rot. The plants need frequent waterings. Personally I find it difficult to get these species through the winter so i keep them warm all year round at a minimum temperature of around 18 °C and i water them in winter. If you want to give them a period of rest in winter I would suggest maintaining a minimum temperature of 15 °C. Pereskiopsis has a stunningly high growth rate and this makes it a perfect grafting stock. The scions (grafts) tend to lose their natural shapes though. This is why Pereskiopsis is used mostly to graft cactus seedlings only which are then de-grafted and re-grafted on a somewhat slower growing stock like Trichocereus or Myrtillocactus. De-grafting and re-rooting from Pereskiopsis grafts can be done by cutting of the Pereskiopsis 2 cm below the graft. Place the cut with graft in pumice with the graft slightly embedded in the pumice. New roots will shoot out from the Pereskiopsis stock and later from the graft. The 2 cm Pereskiopsis part will vanish over time.

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